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The Social Data Bank in brief

The Social Data Bank (SDB) of EKKE that was developed at the end of the 90s and financed by the programme "KLEISTHENIS" joined the European network CESSDA (Council of European Social Science Data Archives) in October 1999. ΕΚΚΕ, as a member of CESSDA participated in the network's main research projects with the aim to develop Research Infrastructures for Social Sciences. These projects added value and contributed by transferring knowhow to the SDB in terms of: documentation of quantitative research, design of metadata models, adoption of documentation standards such as the DDI (Data Documentation Initiative), as well as, development and management of thesaurus, classification tools and vocabularies of social terms. In addition, the SDB and subsequently, EKKE, through these projects, actively participated at the European Social Research Area in the field of research infrastructures' development.

The main projects that have been funded under the Sixth and Seventh EU's Framework Programme for Research are the following: Cher (Consortium of Household Panels for European Socio-Economic Research), MetaDater (Metadata Management and Production System for the Social Science Surveys) , Madiera ( Multilingual Access to Data Infrastructures of the European Research Area), CESSDA PPP (Preparatory Phase Project for a major upgrade of the Council of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA) Research Infrastructure). During the aforementioned period, the team members of the Social Data Bank participated in working groups, expert seminars run by the network of CESSDA and conferences that covered issues of research infrastructures' development, comparative research's methodology, documentation and dissemination of socio-economic data.